PairsScorer 7.2

Manages, updates, and stores bridge scoring data
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7.2.92 (See all)
Jeff Smith
Collect the information about the bridge scores from multiple sources. Organize the data into an entry in the shared database. Upload the scores and display them online for other members of the English, Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions. The utility supports EBU Pay To Play, Ecats, and BridgeWebs.

PairsScorer is a bridge scoring program that is currently used by the English, Scottish and Welsh Bridge Unions as the scoring software for most of their main tournaments.
Main features:
- Table Top Units Bridgemates I, Bridgemates II, BridgePads and BridgeScorer fully supported
- Player Database with up to 55000 players (& import files of Player names)
- Name Entry flexibility - Shortname, Club Player ID, EBU number, Text or Player Database
- Movement generator with all common movements already provided

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